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At Peacemaker K9, we take pride in our commitment to carefully match each agency with the ideal working dog. We take into consideration the unique requirements of the agency as well as the handler to ensure each dog is mission-specific and the perfect fit for your needs.


Peacemaker K9 works with hand chosen, single source breeders in Holland, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Serbia, ensuring all dogs are driven, healthy and a capable fit for the agency.


We understand that placing a canine is a long, expensive and tedious task. We can ensure you that Peacemaker K9 will be with you and your team every step of the way, providing the best training, integration, and health of the K9 from start to finish. 


LEVEL III: $23,000

Dual-purpose patrol K9 & 6 week handler training

LEVEL II: $19,000

Single purpose K9 & 6 week handler training

LEVEL I: $10,000

Single purpose K9 with training, no handler course

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